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Illustration, design & magical creatures.

New Harry Potter artwork for MagicCon and The Fantastic Artshop

This year I will be attending at MagicCon, a fully Harry Potter themed convention that’s happening November 24 in Porto Alegre. Pauline and I are preparing a lot of new itemsmagical objects, as I like to call them — new art (some framed), stickers, and gifts for those who stop at our booth. Last year I sent a high resolution artwork to everyone who left their emails with me:

Gift for who interacted at our booth last year leaving their emails

Here I want to share some new art that I am creating for the event and that will be available at The Fantastic Art Shop right before — which means by Black Friday you’ll be able to get yours!

Artwork in progress

Here are some ready-made arts that will turn into some of the items I mentioned above. As the products get ready I’ll post them in this blog.

Please follow me and Pauline on Instagram for the progress on the artwork, and I’ll let you know when the new stuff is up on the shop! 🦉

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