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The new blog goes online next Wednesday!

Hey guys, how are you? As I said in my most recent post here, I’m starting a new blog.

It turns out that since I started publishing more informative content (a few years ago) — such as reviews, tutorials and guest posts — I started feeling that the blog could and should become something apart from my work as an illustrator. This not actually changes much to my english speaker audience because it’s not been so long since I started posting in english. But art supplies reviews and such were a main thing for my portuguese speaker audience.

Here, in this blog at my portfolio domain, I want to try to keep things clean and focus on selling myself as a fantasy artist. Things such as t-shirt painting tutorials, or all-Hahnemuhle watercolor papers test do not match anymore what I want to share among my portfolio posts. Especially because I do not have all that spare time to create / register / edit / post / share all those contents all by myself anymore.

That’s why my sisters and I thought about running a different blog together, where we could share all our experiences and knowledge in the creative area. Thus I can detach my creative content from my educational content (in a certain level) and I can attend better the audience for tutorials and etc.

Pauline painting / a purely illustrative image

However, we really want to focus our content on the Brazilian audience. Don’t worry! All my reviews (in english already) will be moved to there and will still be avaible, and I’ll try to translate as much of the new content as possible.

But I feel that in English there is already a vast reference about drawing and painting through the internet, but our country unfortunately is not bilingual. So not everyone here can access the wonders of the world wide web. That’s why my choice of focusing in portuguese at least at first — but we did choose an international name: Hartn (that’s easy for the english speakers to figure out the meaning ♥)

So what do you think? Please let me know in the comments — or through social media just in case I accidentally disable comments on this post too (>_>)

A little bit of the images of our puzzle feed. We’re on Instagram @ hartn.me

So just for the record: Wednesday, August 21, Hartn will be online. You can also Follow us on Instagram, our first social network and watch me story-recording in portuguese XD

See you ♥

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