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So many things going on [a quick update on what I’ve been doing so far]

Hello people. It’s been a while since my last post (over a year, actually). I have many ideas all the time; and lately (“lately”, since the year has started), I’ve been kind of lost about what to do next — so I’ve been doing everything without any specific order. Here is my attempt to reorder my work life.

This is a quick article about several things I’ve been doing and I would like to share my thoughts with you. And then, of course, I would like to hear your thoughts on everything.

Part 1. Everything bad happens in this life

1.1. My biggest and most anticipated project so far has gone wrong.

The truth is, I don’t like to talk about things that aren’t 100% sure of happening, because of course, they may not always happen, and then I get that face (‘-‘). So, for that very reason, very few people knew about the project I was developing in partnership with a company here in my city.

Ideally, the product would be very similar to an existent planner (image below) but with the internal pages of sketchbook, bullet journal and notebook options. It would also have some stickers, with several special finishes on the cover and some accessories inside.

It was for this collection that I gave priority, pausing for several months my zodiac series, to be able to finish these arts before the end of 2018. For we would make the first collection of Blank Infinity, and then the collection of the zodiac. Looking at this now, they look like “just 3 paintings”, but I planned typography, Blank Infinity brand image, inside pages, special finishes, stickers and a multitude of details to make this project perfect.

But then what happened? We do not know. After a year of work, my designs practically done, the project got stuck at the mockup stage. Sad story.

Final illustrations for Blank Infinity project.

1.2. I was looking forward to participating in CCXP but my work has nothing to do with what happens there.

So another thing that I put a lot of expectations on was trying to attend this year’s CCXP Artist’s Alley. Even knowing that I did not meet the main requirement (make comics), and even seeing that the theme that I work was not even in the application form (fantasy).

Did I made in? Of course not. To tell the truth, if it were to be another AnimeXtreme (as I told in this post), meaning that I would do not fit and have only financial damage, I prefer not to attend.  Actually. If anyone knows of events that are more within my theme, I appreciate the indication (I actually plan to attend to events outside Brazil at some point).

1.3. Goal crisis after (no) Blank Infinity planners.

What was somewhat of a relief was that these two items above happened at about the same time. Well, when I signed up for Artist’s Alley I considered that I would have Blank Infinity sketchbooks ready by December and committed to bringing them. But now I knew I wouldn’t have them. And I went after various suppliers to get quotes and try to produce something similar to what I’ve been designing even if simpler (as I would have to invest from my own pocket and quickly).

When I got the answer from Artist’s Alley, I thought, “Great, I’m not going to make them now,” and then I had a crisis of goals with Blank Infinity’s arts. Did I do all those designs for nothing? The stickers, the pages, the patterns I made for my owls, what am I going to do with them now?!

Part 2. Turnaround: Because a bipolar person Is just like that

Because I can’t just be crying in a corner, I need to take everything that went wrong and use it to do new things that might actually work. That said, I came to align some things with reality:

2.1. I can use my owl arts to create … any other product.

Yes. I don’t need to do sketchbooks / planners / etc. I can find other partners to create products that are equally useful and beautiful to my audience — of which I don’t need to produce 500 at first. By the way, these days I’ve had a lot of ideas. And you can comment on other things that you would like to see with those arts.

Here are some ideas for things I want to do with all the work I did on Blank Infinity​

2. I’m going to attend MagicCon 2019, the coolest event I’ve ever exposed.

Yes!! I am going to attend the Harry Potter themed event again! Pauline and I are preparing so many new things — and we’ll share everything with you in the meantime. Stay tuned on my Instagram @emmydalas for the news.

Don’t worry, they will all be on sale at my Etsy Shop once the event happens! Etsy Shop here — The Fantastic Art Shop

Pauline at our booth last year

3. Start a blog with a focus on material reviews, drawing tips, and inspiration for beginning artists

In fact, this is more a note for anyone who likes my reviews. I, along with my sisters, are working on a better and more complete blog structure for reviews of artistic materials, tutorials, among other things that we will add. The blog, however, will be more to a Brazilian audience even though I’ll try to translate all written content to English too.

So once that blog is online, reviews here will move to there — so all informational content is organized in one place and here I’ll just focus on my work and personal impressions.

To find out how all of the above are going on, subscribe to the news list:

That’s just it for today. See you,

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