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Fantasy Art & Imaginative Realism

Artist statement

My artistic work is the representation of the world I would like to live in. Through my art I travel through different universes, encounter fantastic creatures, allow my imagination to play the leading role. For this I use all the techniques I have learned that have brought me here, especially colored pencils, watercolor and graphite. What I do can be defined as fantastic realism.

In my art I put all my will to bring inspiration to every person in the universe. I want my creations to inspire people to live. I want my creations to be a ray of sunshine on a rainy day — or a gigantic cloud on a sunny day if you will. I want my creations to be a window, even if small, of order and beauty in a chaotic world.


Colored pencils
Digital painting
Vector illustration

What I do:

Things I do: Commissions, portraits, exclusive tattoo designs and artwork for commercial use.
Media: Traditional and digital art. But I’ll always prefer traditional – watercolor and colored pencils mostly!
Themes: Fantasy art, mostly inspired by Tolkien stories, fairy tales, fantasy movies and a bit of comics heroes lately.
Subjects: people, animals, magical creatures, plants – any living being, and now starting with nature landscapes and skyscapes.
Tell me details of what you need and let’s work together:

I sell prints and products at The Fantastic Art Shop.

I run with my sister an art blog named Hartn.

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