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Illustration, design & magical creatures.

Artist statement

My artistic work is the representation of the world I would like to live in. Through my art I travel through different universes, encounter fantastic creatures, allow my imagination to play the leading role. For this I use all the techniques I have learned that have brought me here, especially colored pencils, watercolor and graphite. What I do can be defined as fantastic realism.

In my art I put all my will to bring inspiration to every person in the universe. I want my creations to inspire people to live. I want my creations to be a ray of sunshine on a rainy day — or a gigantic cloud on a sunny day if you will. I want my creations to be a window, even if small, of order and beauty in a chaotic world.


Colored pencils
Digital painting
Vector illustration

What I do:

I take commissions of portraits & create tattoo designs.
I illustrate commercially for companies — such as character design, print design & more.
Some of my portfolio illustrations are available for commercial licensing — please email if you’re interested in any of them.
I sell originals. Please email me if you’re interested in any of them — most are still available; you’ll have to afford the cost of shipping outside Brazil though.
I also deliver monthly content at my Patreon page, for personal or even commercial use, depending on your tier.
Patrons have the chance to take part on my creation process and access to more personal and “backstage” scenes of my artistic life.
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