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Fantasy Art & Imaginative Realism

Hi, I’m Emmy and I create

Fantasy Art

& Imaginative Realism

I’m a freelance illustrator and fantasy artist. My favorite techniques are colored pencils and watercolor, but I create digital paintings too. In many cases, I will cross my traditional and digital techniques to create visually unique magical images.

I illustrate books, products and games. I graduated with a major in Graphic Design in 2013 so I use all my visual knowledge acquired through my designer journey in the illustrations I create.

Hire me to:

  • Illustrate your original characters.
  • Create an original of a character that you love, in a unique fantastic style.
  • Portraits of you, your family, a loved one.
  • Illustrate a book, cover and all pages inside (why not?).
  • Illustrate a game: cards, puzzles, board games and also digital games.
  • Anything you could imagine with my art.

Tell me details of what you need and let’s work together: get in touch.

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