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This illustration serves as my tribute to the revered master, Akira Toriyama, following his passing on March 1st, 2024. His iconic creation, Dragon Ball, held a significant place in my formative years, influencing my early artistic endeavors. As a young enthusiast immersed in anime culture, I would spend countless hours sketching characters, little knowing that my passion would one day lead me to a career as an illustrator.

In this piece, I have reimagined one of Dragon Ball’s most memorable figures, Shenlong, infusing it with my current artistic style. I used watercolors and colored pencils, on smooth Strathmore Gray Toned paper.

I had the privilege of collaborating with my friends and fellow illustrators as part of the SpinOff t9 IlustraSA group. Once our full project is online, I will provide a link here.

Painting details

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