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LIFE is a trading card game that highlights some of the most endangered wild mammals in the world.

They are limited edition physical trading cards and players compete to beat each other based on animal stats.

The 1st Edition cards, illustrated by me, are printed in exactly the same volume as the estimated population of animals in the wild! There are 53 realistic illustrated cards in the 1st edition, and I also made a realistic illustration of the world map and the globe for the back of the 1st edition cards and packaging.

Two types of cards

There are 60 realistic illustrated cards in the 1st Edition, which will have a holographic coating on the animal’s background. And there are 100 digitally illustrated cards in the 2nd Edition, illustrated by artist Mayara Nogueira. The 2nd edition world map on the back of the 2nd edition cards was made by me.

Card gallery

Here are some of my favorites!

Card process from start to finish

1. The client chooses the main elements of the composition: Posture, overall color, and background environment.

2. Then I create a digital color “sketch”, using textures from photos and some digital painting. This makes me able to cross-reference fast while painting.

3. Finally, I take the drawing to a professional quality paper to get the job done. My very favorite part!

4. With the painting ready, I scan it in the highest quality for later use. Then I take it to Photoshop, create the holographic mask, and apply it to the card design (in InDesign).

5. Ready to go to the next animal!

Painting process gallery

Here there are only a few pictures I took from the paintings and work process. There’s a video of the Nawhal painting on Derwent Brasil’s official youtube channel.

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