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This is an illustration for influencer Emma Norton‘s collection of hoodies created by INVIZ. I was honored to illustrate the bad wolf of her Big Bad collection, in the Red Riding Hood theme.

Art director: Catrina Carson

Tools used:

  • Graphite pencils for sketching and later finishing the main drawing of the wolf;
  • Adobe Illustrator for vectorizing the lettering;
  • Adobe Photoshop for everything else.

Briefing and Moodboard

Illustration briefing

I should create a menacing wolf, with yellow eyes, in the given color palette.

The references were the existing Red Riding Hood artwork by INVIZ, the wolf sketch (also in the moodboard), baroque frames, and thorny vines.

Besides that, a matching small rose to be placed in the front of the hoodies.



The lettering design should be in the same fairy tale theme, and I chose to draw ornaments related to the thorny vines and frames of the Wolf — sadly they were not used later! For this, we decided on blackletter over cursive, relating better the theme that was also a bit dark.


We also created a small rose, for the front of the hoodies. I designed two options, one with a frame, and the other only with thorny vines.

Final result

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