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This is a fictional book of a true story! This couple first came to me to paint a portrait mixing Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter themes. So we decided to add something very special to them: all their cats. Cats they have rescued and still live with them!
The painting was created entirely in traditional media, using watercolor and colored pencils. Then they allowed me to take it to Photoshop to create this concept of a book cover.

The image was created using traditional media – watercolor and colored pencil – and later edited in Photoshop for final use.

Paper: Hahnemühle Leonardo hot pressed
Watercolor: Turner Artist’s, Van Gogh metallic & opaque white
Colored pencil: Derwent Procolour & Lightfast
Original painting size: 14,2× 18,9 in

Painting process images:

Original painting pictures:

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