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“Shiver and quiver, little tree,
Silver and gold throw down over me”

This book cover is my version of Cinderella, the Grimm’s Tale as if it was a bigger book. The image was created using traditional media – watercolor and colored pencil – and later edited in Photoshop for final use.

Paper: Hahnemühle Leonardo hot pressed
Watercolor: Van Gogh Watercolor
Colored pencil: Derwent Lightfast,  Procolour, Coloursoft.
Original painting size: 8,4 × 12,6 in


In the original tale, Cinderella has a magical tree that makes her beautiful and ready for the festival she intends to go (no fairy Godmother here). I represented that by adding leaf graphics to the background, as well as making the branches point out to the prince.

The other two shady figures on the other plan (top right to the viewer) are the evil sisters. I thought it was appropriate to make the branches separate Cinderella from them, as in the story the tree is her only refuge. Those two little birds are her only two friends and they’re always there to help.


For creating this piece, I used again references from the Ethereals Typology of image consultant Olga Brylińska, as I did in my Snow White project. This time, I chose the Alabaster Ethereal look, which I think would fit perfectly the “Cinderella ready to go to the festival”.

The elements I used:

  • Light and cool colors;
  • Facial features resembling a doll’s face;
  • Very innocent look.

And styling characteristics such as:

  • Silver jewelry adorned with light gemstones;
  • Middle parting hairstyle;
  • Symmetry, avoiding geometry.


Finished painting

Book cover:

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